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We fail at counting wolves

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We woke today to approximately half a second of blissful comfy-bed feeling, closely followed by the realisation that we had to change a tyre  in the dark last night and our poor faithful hire car was sitting there with a weird dwarf wheel. Luckily, upon calling The Hire Car People, it seemed they were happy to just swap out the car for a new one and send us on our way. We only had to drive about 50 miles to Fresno, which is about as far as the manufacturer recommends you drive on the weird dwarf wheel.

It was a rather stressful drive, and involved lots of pulling over to let the long line of cars backing up behind our slow-ass car get past us, but eventually we made it and swapped our beloved faithful black Honda Civic for a silver Toyota Corolla. All new buttons to learn! Also a weird GPS thing that we can’t switch off and that has a camera built into it, meaning there’s probably also a mic, meaning we can’t talk about Dave’s penis on the road any more.

From Fresno we drove the 50 miles back to our B&B to pick up the camera we’d forgotten to take (yes we’re dumb, whatevs) and from there finally headed into Yosemite. We were pretty much ready for things to start going well again, so when a jolly park ranger greeted us and told us that the car park for Mariposa Grove was full we just looked at each other with a sort of “it’ll be fine” expression and carried on. We figured we’d swing up by Glacier Point, and then head back to see if there was any more room in the car park.

Well. Around 1 minute into this plan we realised it was getting a little foggy and spooky.

It'll be fine!
It’ll be fine!

Believing that we were due a break and that maybe we could drive high enough that the fog would be below us, we continued up the road that became increasingly murky and finally required driving with our hazards on. The view from Glacier Point was, um, not great.

It was everything we hoped :p
It was everything we hoped :p

The car park was full of cars spilling out equally glum tourists, so at least it wasn’t just us. We got some hot drinks from the gift shop to buoy our spirits and began the long foggy drive back down. Sounds awful and not worth it, but wait! It was worth the whole horrible ordeal when this little guy poked his head out from the trees at the side of the road and started prowling around between the cars.

Wolf #1
Wolf #1

We actually saw one wolf on the drive up there and a second one on the way down, or perhaps the same wolf twice, opinions vary. Anyway we made it back down to ground level in one piece and decided to drive out towards the village to see if there were any views down here of things that weren’t fog. It was actually very nice and we spent a while driving around, stopping occasionally to take selfies and auto-awesomes of waterfalls, and trying to keep me awake in the warm moving car.

Aww, innit nice?
Aww, innit nice?

Dave seemed to feel bad that I didn’t really get to “see” Yosemite with all that fog, but whatever. We had a nice day, saw some nice things, met a wolf (or maybe two wolves) had some REALLY good hot chocolate. No new license plates spotted today, but you can’t have everything I suppose.

Our B&B in Oakhurst was just a short drive from the park so we got there still feeling pretty refreshed and ready for a night out at an eatery of some kind. We chose the Mexican place just round the corner from us, as it seems did most of the town. Maybe it’s always that packed, maybe it’s just because it was the Friday of a big holiday weekend, but it was rammed and noisy and probably quite jovial if you’re not sitting there worried that your boyfriend is about to pass out on the bathroom floor.

Let me back up a bit here. We used to eat fairly regularly in an Italian place at home until one night we were halfway through our meal, Dave started to feel “weird”, ran off to the loos, vomited and then passed out on the floor leaving me sitting at our table wondering wheretf he’d got to. Weirdly, we haven’t felt the urge to eat there since. Sitting in that Mexican place, Dave uttered the fateful words “I’ve just lost my appetite, I feel weird” and started to look a bit grey. We almost got our meals boxed up and fled just in case, but he seemed to perk up after a couple mouthfuls (thank the Noodly Lord). Sadly my veggie burrito was awful, so the place won’t be getting a good review. Also it didn’t even have root beer as a beverage option, to which I am now irreversibly addicted.

So that was our one full day in the vicinity of Yosemite. Not one of our most exciting days, but tomorrow we head to San Francisco to watch Eurovision in a gay bar so we’re saving all our excitement for that!

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