Nothing-Do Day

Shell - @8:28 pm

Being introverted nerds as we are, occasionally (usually during the Summer) our social lives will become unexpectedly hectic and we’ll end up with plans for six weekends in a row or something. Whenever this happens we look at our calendar, find the first weekend that isn’t booked up, and christen it “Nothing-Do”. Nothing-Do weekend is a weekend of doing nothing in particular and just sitting silently in recovery, maybe exchanging a word or two every few hours. It’s bliss. We can then navigate the treacherous waters of social engagements safe in the knowledge that Nothing-Do weekend is beckoning warmly from the horizon.

All of this is completely normal, behaviour, I’m sure.

Anyway, after just over two weeks of road tripping we’d made it to Vegas and I was having a pretty awesome time. Dave had originally booked us in for 3 nights but was starting to get a bit antsy and was considering leaving after two instead. After a bit of “discussion”, we instead decided to stick around for the third night and make our second full day in Vegas into a Nothing-Do day.

We slept in. We had actual breakfast instead of skipping it like yesterday. We had some time in the hotel room in the middle of the day to bubblebath, nap and read the internet. We went down to the hotel pool and just lounged around on our towels (safely in the shade of course) reading our respective books. My various horrific injuries had some time to heal. We watched the Bellagio fountains some more, because the Bellagio fountains are awesome.

Tonight, we had nice burgers and far too much hot fudge brownie at the closest Hard Rock Cafe. Dave has lost all of his previous winnings, but I cashed out a nice round $10 which will be taken home and framed. Take that, Vegas!

We’re feeling much refreshed and ready to roll on our next adventure tomorrow. This is a short blog post, but blogging is like work and today is supposed to be relaxing, after all.

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