We are the worst packers

Shell - @4:33 pm

Or maybe the best. I can never be sure.

A month-long holiday is looming up at us tomorrow and how much packing have we done? Basically none. We do have the suitcase out of the attic though, it’s now been sitting empty (apart from an old USA road atlas and a second, smaller, also empty suitcase) on the landing for about a fortnight, so that’s a good start. The plan was to start on Wednesday. Then the plan was to start on Thursday. The current plan is to get it done tonight, but there’s a real possibility we’ll be packing in the morning before setting off to catch the train to London. What can I say, it works for us.

Anyway, there have been more important things to worry about. Charging up the phones, tablets, 3DSs, iPod, PSP etc for example. Deciding which yarn I should take and making sure the relevant knitting patterns are downloaded to my tablet. Trying to convince the Judge Dredd book people that they could really just send Dave’s book to another address for one month without him having to cancel the subscription entirely. Handing over my WoW guild to an officer and making him promise not to move it to a PvP server without asking anyone. Plotting eBook launch parties with a friend for when we get back. Battling guildies on Hearthstone one last time (I won!) before leaving for the land of wobbly hotel internet. You know, the usual pre-holiday preparations.

Hearthstone Victory!

Tonight we’ll get some booze in, check our lists for a final time (who am I kidding, I’ll check my list every 15 seconds tomorrow morning until we leave), and chill out in pyjamas eating our traditional Friday night treat meals. Tomorrow we’ll be grownups and actually finish the packing.

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