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Pre-Holiday Nerves

Shell - @5:44 pm

Let me just start this post by saying yes, I am excited for the holiday of a lifetime, and yes I trust Dave to take care of me should something go amiss. Nevertheless, nerves!

My first proper holiday as an adult was only in 2012, when we spent a few days pottering around Bavaria. In the 5 days there I managed to blister some toes, vomit in a Hilton in Munich, and almost get run over in Garmisch-Partenkirchen (much to the amusement of a local). Our next trip was to Reykjavik, again for only a few days. This time I managed to develop an unpleasant itching rash on one leg, almost fall to my death down an icy cliff and into a waterfall, and finally suffer an excruciatingly painful head explosion on the return plane flight that I’ve since learned is a real thing called “airplane headache”. That name does not do the level of pain justice, and the couple of days after returning from that trip were spent lying on the couch with the worst migraine I’d had in years.

So yeah, none of these things were massive disasters but we can all agree that the likelihood of more bad things happening on an entire month away from home is quite high. I am not coping well, and have started adding items for every disaster scenario I can think up to the packing list. I’ve also started packing yarn, and a LOT of it, but what can I say? Yarn brings me comfort.

Maybe it’ll be another airplane headache, ruining our first couple of days in Chicago. Maybe luggage will go missing and we’ll spend the first few days (or more) surviving with nothing more than some emergency underwear, enough yarn for two jumpers and the selfie stick as that’s pretty much all we’ll have in our cabin bags. Maybe I’ll be subjected to a cavity search for looking nervous and suspicious at the airport. Maybe one of us will eat something weird and unpleasantness will ensue (like it did in the Munich Hilton, blergh). Maybe we’ll get a flat tyre in the middle of nowhere and stand around lamenting our lack of practical skills until a Man From The Place comes all the way out to fix it. Maybe we’ll get stranded somewhere and miss Eurovision! D:

Or maybe, like Dave says, everything will be fine and he’s got everything under control. He assures me we only have a 65% chance of being eaten by bears. Fingers crossed. I think I need a hug.

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